WELCOME BACK: The Hamilton Civic Theatre invites you to the Ross Street Theater for its upcoming show, “Clown Car,” a funnywhodunnit written by Mark Aloysius Kenneally.

The show dates are as follows:

Saturday, Mar. 26th – 7pm
Sunday, Mar. 27th – 2pm
Monday, Mar. 28th – 7pm

Friday, Apr. 1st – 7pm
Saturday, Apr. 2nd – 7pm
Sunday, Apr. 3rd – 2pm

ABOUT TICKETS: Cost is $10/person, general seating, and may be purchased online here.


Dozens of circus clowns pile out of a car. One doesn’t.

Artie and Nick are two detectives who thought they had seen it all. But they find out that when you’re interrogating suspects like Chuckles, Pozo, and Backwards Bobo … clowns can turn out to not only make you laugh, but also … drive you crazy. Who killed Bubbles? And why?

Join Artie, Nick and Doctor Amy Harris-Talmun, the police psychiatrist, as they try desperately to solve the most bizarre, challenging, surprising and humorous murder mystery they’ve ever investigated.

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• Showtimes are at 7pm on Friday, Saturday, and Monday, and at 2pm on Sunday.
• Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the show.
• No one will be seated once the play has begun.
• Please turn off cellphone ringers, do not take photographs or videos.