WELCOME BACK: The Hamilton Civic Theatre invites you back to the Ross Street Theater for its upcoming show. After a year’s hiatus due to pandemic restrictions, we are happy to welcome you back to our favorite place to see Ira Levin’s  “Dr. Cook’s Garden.”

The show dates are as follows:

Friday, April 23rd – 7pm
Saturday, April 24th – 7pm
Sunday, April 25th – 2pm

Friday, April 30th – 7pm
Saturday, May 1st – 7pm
Sunday, May 2nd – 2pm

ABOUT TICKETS: Cost is $10/person, general seating, and may be purchased online here.

ABOUT THE SHOW: Ira Levin’s dark, intense drama was first directed on stage in New York City in 1967 by Mr. Levin himself. In this play, the action all takes takes place in one afternoon in Dr. Cook’s home/office in a small Vermont village, a place where neither sin nor crime corrupts, a town where everyone is peaceful and content. Enter 27-year old Jim Tennyson, a newly graduated doctor who owes his scholarship to his beloved friend and benefactor, the aging Dr. Cook. Tennyson has come for a short visit, but all does not go quite as expected.

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• Showtimes are at 7pm on Friday and Saturday, and at 2pm on Sunday.
• Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the show.
• No one will be seated once the play has begun.
• Please turn off cellphone ringers, do not take photographs or videos.